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HER FOR TECH: Bridging the Digital Divide for Girls in Malawi

In Malawi, a significant gender gap exists in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics field (STEM) , depriving girls of equal opportunities in the digital age. Limited access to digital skills training and lack of female role models hinder their progress, hampering the nation’s technological growth and innovation. HER FOR TECH aims to address this issue by providing free training, inspiring publications, and impactful in-school campaigns to empower girls and create a more inclusive future in technology.

Bridging Gender Digital Divide

Empowering Education in Tech

Building A stronger Digital Malawi

Equipping Girls for the Digital Age

Leaving no one Behind

Empowernment is our main goal!

we champion the vision of a digitally empowered Malawi. A vision where every girl's brilliance thrives, where innovation knows no bounds, and where the gender gap becomes a thing of the past. Together, hand in hand, we create a brighter tomorrow that leaves no one behind.

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