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The rapid pace of technological advancement is transforming our world, necessitating equal access to skills and opportunities for success in the digital age, regardless of gender. Addressing this need, Her for Tech—an organization founded in Malawi—dedicates itself to empowering women and girls in the technology sector through education and training. Her for Tech’s primary objective is to bridge the gender gap in the tech industry and promote diversity within its ranks. The organization firmly believes that by providing girls and women with access to technology education and training, a more equitable society can be created, where everyone has an equal chance to succeed.

Since its establishment, Her for Tech has made significant strides in Malawi. The organization offers a series of training sessions and workshops, introducing girls and women to the fundamental concepts of computer systems like coding, and other technological skills. These sessions are provided free of charge, offering a unique opportunity for those who may otherwise lack access to technology education.

In a recent collaboration with Qubix Robotics and MicroMek, Her for Tech organized the ”SHE CODES” web development bootcamp. The program equipped 21 girls with essential web development skills, laying a strong foundation for potential careers in the tech industry. Upon completion, participants received certificates of achievement, valuable additions to their professional portfolios. Beyond training sessions, Her for Tech also conducts career guidance sessions in various secondary schools. These sessions inform students about the role of science and technology in their lives and shed light on the diverse career opportunities available in STEM fields. By introducing cutting-edge technologies such as drones and providing hands-on experiences, the organization ignites students’ interest in the field.

Recognizing the importance of acknowledging and celebrating women and girls in technology, Her for Tech launched the first of its kind Women and Girls in Tech Awards. This was done In partnership with Sparc Systems, Inq Digital, CEGOL Malawi, Amaryllis Hotels, Women for Social Change, the ICT Association of Malawi, and UNICAF University, the organization commemorated the 2023 International Girls in ICT Day by inaugurating these awards.

The Women and Girls in Tech Awards serve as a platform to honor the achievements of exceptional women in technology, inspiring girls to pursue careers in STEM fields. By highlighting the diverse range of opportunities in the tech industry, these awards break stereotypes and empower girls to explore their passions.

The Awards ceremony brings together industry leaders, professionals, educators, and supporters of gender equality in technology to celebrate the accomplishments of women and girls who have made significant contributions to the field. This recognition acts as a powerful catalyst for change, inspiring the next generation of female tech leaders and fostering a more inclusive and diverse tech community.

Her for Tech’s unwavering efforts have positively impacted Malawi, inspiring girls to pursue technology careers and contributing to a more inclusive tech industry. Recognized and supported by the local community, the organization’s reach continues to expand, benefiting an increasing number of girls. Her for Tech serves as a shining example of how technology education can empower women and girls, fostering a more equitable society. The organization’s work in Malawi emphasizes the significance of ensuring universal access to technology education and the accompanying opportunities. The story of Her for Tech, along with the Women and Girls in Tech Awards, aims to inspire others to join the cause, fostering a more inclusive and diverse tech industry for all.

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